Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What if Chewbacca were a cow...

If Chewbacca were a cow, Han Solo would no longer have a partner who growls. Yoda can't say he got saved by a wookiee. He can't pilot the spaceship with hooves but he could camouflage among zebras. The furry bear-like monkey-thing would just be a cow. So if Chewbacca were a cow, it would be the saddest thing in the universe. Express your joy that Chewie is a wookiee! Do the growl!


"I don't have to be careful. I got a gun."
-Homer Simpson

Monday, May 30, 2005

Jar-Jar is not annoying

(BTW, if some of these pictures don't show, try refreshing, or clicking on them.)
I don't see why so many people, including a lot of Star Wars fans think Jar-Jar Binks is annoying. Is it the voice, the floppy ear-like things, the whining, or what? I think Jar-Jar is awesome. Don't know why, but he is. He's got the duck's beak thing goin on there and those floppy things growing out of his head, which is awesome. I would want a pair of those. Only they wouldn't go with the furry feet and pointy ears I'm also wishing for. And the thing that Chewie wears. What is it, ammunition? He does carry a gun, doesn't he? I never really paid attention before. I think I'll go make one right now. That's right. Now. Out of chocolate bars. Mmmm... chocolate... glaughhhh (disgusting drooling)... yum.
Meesa precioussss...
"Yo' ka banta POO du!" (you're Banta poo, or something)
"Was there ever any one like him? Except Gandalf, of course. I think they must be related. My dear ass, your pack is lying by your bed, and you had it on your back when I met you. He saw it all the time, of course."

Bart : You know, Grampa kinda smells like that trunk in the garage where the bottom's all wet.
Lisa : Nuh-uh, he smells more like a photo lab.
Homer : Stop it, both of you! Grampa smells like a regular old man, which is more like a hallway in a hospital.

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Awesome scene from Lord of the Rings. Closest to Star Wars you'll ever get Posted by Hello

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Yes, that's Billy Boyd in the kilt, yes, that's Dom Monaghan in the wig, and yes, that's Viggo Mortensen with the troll. Posted by Hello

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Animal Shelters

Check this out:

So true.
Anyway, this post was gonna be about animal shelters. Is it true that if an animal doesn't get adopted in a while, it gets put to "sleep?" I read it in a Stephen King book, which usually have true facts from real life, that they gas them so they die peacefully and humanely. Do they really kill off animals that don't suit enough peoples' needs? I think the animal shelter is a good idea, letting people adopt homeless animals, but they are living creatures too. They're not here to serve humans, who have way more unnecessary power than they should have been given. If it's true, then one day, I'll start my own animal shelter. One that doesn't kill innocent lives, even "humanely."

Look at me, I can't type without looking at the keyboard!!!
nothins nithosn nothins nothinf notj nothing

lorc od the rings (holy crap, I spelled RINGS right!)
spiderman id awrsonr a spw spwis spiswe spidweman is awesone
Cjervalla Chwevamma N Chw Cn Chewxanbnm V Chwevabvbcca
I am asamart!
(I swear, I didn't look at the keyboard or spell them right on purpose)
I am so bored...

"Woo-hoo! I'm a college man! I won't need my high school diploma any more! I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! s-m-r-t! I mean, s-m-A-r-t..."
-Homer Simpson

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I call the one on the left Bill. The one on the right is Beryl Foxburr Jr. Jr. 2005 of Loamsdown.Posted by Hello

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

If you...

If you've got allergies and you know it clap your hands!


If you've got allergies and you know it clap your hands!


If you've got allergies and you know it then you have no choice but to show it,
If you've got allergies and you know it clap your hands!



"Wasting away on my hunger pains..."
-Homer Simpson

Friday, May 27, 2005

Ash Trees

What's sadder than the ash trees dying like an epidemic because of the emerald ash-borers? A living ash tree about to be cut down. Today while riding in a car, I noticed how many ash trees with empty branches there were. Many of them had new shoots growing out of the ground. And even a few of them seemed untouched by the disease. We went down this one road with an ash tree. It was how I just decribed it above. A few leaves on the almost-empty branches, with at least a dozen shoots coming out of the ground. Someone had sprayed a large red neon mark on the trunk. They were going to cut it down. Didn't the person know what they were doing? This tree was about to become endangered, why kill it when there's a good chance it'll last another year? Who gave us the right?
Now that I think about it, who did give us this right? What kind of god would give us so much power but so little common sense? Who would let such irresponsible creatures have complete power over all other living things? There's so much that can't be understood. This life sucks.

"A gun isn't a weapon Marge, it’s a tool. Like a butcher knife, or a harpoon, or... or an alligator."
-Homer Simpson

Thursday, May 26, 2005

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How do you make a day...

How do you make a day last forever?
I don't want to go to high school. I wish everything would stay like this forever.
Sometimes days seem really long. How do you make one last longer? Once Middle School is over, nothing will be the same again. Everything will get harder and harder to the point that everything just really sucks. You'll have to get a job, and unlike being a kid, your life depends on how hard you work.
How do you make this last forever? How do you stretch a day so your life never changes? Think of where you'll be in twenty years. Older, working, depressed, nothing like the life you have now.
These treasured moments will never be experienced again. And it's the saddest thing, one day, you wake up and remember all you've done when you had this freedom. The feeling of complete freedom is only a memory. It's bittersweet. It makes you smile, thinking of the good times you had, it makes you weep thinking you'll never have that feeling again, no matter where you go and who you're with. Thinking of it too much will drive you insane.
So how do you stretch time so you won't have to worry about the future? How can you keep a day going on and on so life will stay the same forever?

"Lord help me, I'm just not that bright."
-Homer Simpson

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Exodus Part III

The monster's dragging Locke. I bet he dies. He got dragged into some pit. Kate threw dynamite into the pit and all the smoke turned wierd and stuff.
Claire was gonna name the baby Aaron. Charlie fell into a trap where coconuts fall on his head. Ew, his heads all bleeding. Sayid's spilling gunpowder all over it. He just lit a match and put it to his head and there was some explosion and he screamed. He better not have blown his head off or I'm not watching this show anymore. Stoopid Sayid.
Jeorge Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight? Or some other guy. Or some other date. I dunno. That's the guy who plays Hurley.
Charlie used to live in the same hotel as Hurley. "Some of us have a bloody flight to make!" Hurley barely missed going on the plane. 23
Michael: "Either you a hero, or you wanna die." Something wierd on the ocean. I bet its a whale and it eats all of them up and they can't escape until they sacrifice someone. Hey, Gorge Garcia is on some show called Becker tomorrow at 1:00 on 50. I just found that out. Won't be able to see it.
They're gonna blow up the thing. Charlie's okay! He's not dead. He's not dead! Danielle has the baby. "I just wanted my Alex back. I thought. If I gave them the baby..." "You're a nut-job! You heard nothing! You're pathetic!" Her face is like frozen. Like she's crying but can't get the sound out. How sad.
4 8 16... Hurley sees the numbers. "You can't do that! The numbers are bad! Stop it, the numbers are bad!" It exploded and no one got hurt. Crap.
Someone found the raft. Some ship. I bet it's actually "Them." Aw, it's not. Some old guys with a teensy ship. "Wer'e gonna have to take the boy. Just give us the boy." They just blew up the raft and kidnapped Walt. Wow. This show is really really sick. Charlie brought the baby back. Everyone happy. It's a golden moment like in Lord of the Rings where everything's all music and cheesy. Flashback from when everyone boarded the plane, also very musical. Boone's back! Hurley sticking out tounge and giving thumbs up to Walt.
The chamber is opened. Beware the heir of Slytherin. It's just a long tunnel going straight down with a broken ladder that ends near the top. I bet there's some huge snake in it. Or a huge spider. Or fwuffy-puff mahshmellowzz!

Next week, they're showing the Pilot, which is the first Lost episode that shows how everything started.

Exodus Part II

I'm watching Lost.
The Arzt guy was mean to Hurley. Jack and Locke are handling dynamite. Hope one of them goes off and blows the island to smithereens. That'll teach the Arzt guy not to be mean to Hurley.
Charlie: "Beorn. It's uh... Dutch for... baby-carrier."
Claire still hasn't named the baby. Name it Turnip Head. Claire has a flashback where she scratched Danielle while fighting for the baby. It was supposed to be a dream, but Danielle has that scratch mark. That's wierd. I bet that's what she was talking about when she said "They" took her baby. Maybe they both had the same baby but something wierd happened and the Turnip Head ended up with Claire. And it's all Ethan's fault!
Wow, how many women has Charlie been with? That lady's turned crazy and started hitting him when she found out he stole something. It's heroin. Stoopid Charlie.
Danielle took Claire's baby. Claire's head is bleeding. I bet it IS Danille's baby but Claire's baby at the same time. And their just gonna steal back and forth throughout the whole show.
Sawyer in glasses and a ponytail.
Charlie: "Are you bloody joking?" He's so bloody british.
Danielle's gonna trade Claire's baby for something. Now Claire's spazzing out and hitting Charlie.
"Claire, I will get him back. Promise." He looks and sounds so much like Merry.
Ewan McGregor's in some new movie called The Island where they make clones out of people for lab experiments or something.
Michael's letting Walt steer the raft. Shouldn't trust him. Walt's the one who burned it down in the first place. I bet he also spazzes out and crashes
it so everyone on the raft dies, but Sawyer lives and swims back. Something fell off the raft. What's a runner supposed to do?
Jack: "If anyone hears anything, sees anything-"
Hurley: "Like a security system that eats people?"
Jack: "Right."
Sun: "Do you think we're being punished? For secrets we kept. Lies we told before."
Claire: "No such thing as fate." Stoopid Claire. No such thing as fate. Pshht. That goes against the writing on Charlie's hands!
The little yellow plane was loaded with heroin. Ohhh, Charlie. Bad boyz bad boyz whatcha gonna do...
Some eagle screeched and flew off a branch. Something black and animated flew by. Something loud and explodish and invisible marching around. Everyone running. Locke walking towards it. Ha ha, it knocked the old man down!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie chewie!

Chewbacca says hi.

Hey, how's my writing?:
Day 1
Aw, poo. This was not supposed to happen. Dude, that was not cool. What next? Singing ice cream? A talking turkey wearing a bonnet and holding a black old-fasioned shot gun? Moving poo? Growing lava? An evil Chinese girl named Vooki? An evil Cuban girl named Dooki? An evil Mexican girl named Clooky? Walking talking Jesus, what next? What?! Tell me this instant or I swear I will go insane. Clak is round. Wilam Clak is round.
It's gonna be in a story about an insane person.

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
WDIV 4 May 24 11:35pm
Dominic Monaghan will be on. : 9
I probrably won't be able to see it though so someone please tell me what happens!

(Red holds up a tool)
Eric: Socket wrench. (Holds up Han Solo figure.)
Red: Drives the spaceship. Sits next to the hairy guy.
Eric: (Exasperated) Han Solo.
(Red holds up a screwdriver.)
Eric: Flathead screwdriver. (Eric holds up a Vader figure.)
Red: Oh, I know this! Guy with a breathing problem.
Eric: Guy with a breathing problem. This is Darth-freaking Vader! Seriously Dad, if you don't know the Dark Lord of the Sith, the most hated enemy of the Jedi warrior, then I guess somewhere down the line I failed with you.

Homer : "No beer and no TV make Homer something something..."
Marge : "Go crazy?"
Homer : "Don't mind if I do!"

Monday, May 23, 2005

Movie Listings

Titanic (1997)
NBC 4 May 29 07:00pm

Dumb & Dumber (1994)
CBET 9 May 27 08:00pm

Blade Runner (1982)
UPN 50 May 28 02:00pm (Harrison Ford is in it)
A Fine Mess (1986) CBS 62 May 29 12:00pm

Batman Forever (1995)
CBET 9 May 28 07:00pm

The Batman - "Fire & Ice"
WDWB 20 Sat May 28 10:30am

Why I love FOTR

The Fellowship will be on next-next Sunday on CBC (channel 9) at 8:00! I've seen it before (cough-twelve-cough), but I HAVE to see it again. Because I've only seen the "great, so where are we going" part once and I won't rest until I see that twelve times also. I know, I'm insane. Mwahaha! Gerbloohoohoooo! Fo shizzle.
I can't wait! The tape I taped it on before when they showed it on WB was all messed up and stuff because every ten minutes, there would be static and the music would sound messed up. For a like a second. And I still can't believe I cut off the end of the Council. Why? Why?! Each time I saw it, I knew that one part was missing in my heart. From the "Nine companions..." to "... where are we going" a whole world was missing. But not anymore!
Why do I love FOTR? Frodo frodo frodo frodo frodo frodo frodo merry merry merry pippin pippin pippin pippin sam sam merry merry frodo frodo sam sam sam sam merry merry pippin frodo pippin pippin pippin merry sam frodo frodo frodo.
That's why. : 9

"So we won't be able to pee in the drinking fountain?"
-Homer Simpson

"Probably nothing, but let us see... oh! A handwritten script for Star Wars by George Lucas? Princess Leia's anti-jiggle breast tape? Film reel labelled "Alternate ending: Luke's father is Chewbacca"?! Oh!! Oh!! I'll give you five dollars for the box."
-Comic Book Guy

"Oh Jar Jar, everyone hates you but me."
-Comic Book Guy (sleeping with his Jar Jar Binks doll)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

did not pres copy+paste, by cq

hi. im silliwilli. hoo are yoo? im silliwilli. hoo are yoo? im silliwilli. hoo are yoo? im pall riveer! ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hi! im silliwilli! silliwillisilliwillisilliwilli! hoo are yoo? and hoo is tat over dere? is it yoo? or willisilli? or is it a legless elf? or is it frodery baggett?i dunno. but im silliwilli.hoo are yoo? i dunno yur naime. wil yoo tel me? send it too www.idunnoyurnaimeDOTyoohooDOTcomm. okaye, heers a joke.
nokk nokk!
hoos dere?
you who?
im silliwili. hoo are yoo? yoohooo? :) or :( ?

Okay, that was my friend CQ. And she did NOT press copy and paste for all those "silliwillies." And in case you're wondering, she is not imaginary. And she can spell. Can't you, CQ?
I'm watching Attack of the Clones right now and it is awesome. I like the part where Anakin falls off the bubbly-thing and pretends he's hurt. Elephant Fairy Dude just sold Anakin's mom. Slam! Some evil little kid just chortled. "We'll have a couple of surprises for them." Aww, they're trying to kill Ben. They exploded him! No wait. Oh, that was cool. C-3PO is still naked. When does he get all the gold stuff? From a distance, Anakin looks like a really tall girl, with the ponytail. Some kinda factory. This is too cool. C3PO dangling. "I do not want to do this!" That's hilarious. O wow. Headless C3PO. I don't think I'm ready for this. Dooku does the blue sparks too! Crap crap crap, he chopped Anakin's arm off! It's like Luke!

Obi-Wan: "Why do I think youre going to be the death of me?"
Anakin: "Don't say that, master, you're the closest thing to a father I have."

C3PO: "Anakin! I knew you would return."

CBC guy: "Star Wars, Attack of the Clones will be right back."

Yoda: "Death I feel. Something terrible has happened. Young Skywalker is in pain. Terrible pain."

Obi-Wan: "What in the blazes is he doing there? I told him to stay in Naboo."

"Life seems simple when youre fixing things."

"Why'd she have to die? I couldve saved her."
"Youre not all powerful. No one is."
"Well I should be."

Anakin: "They're like animals. And I slaughtered them like animals! I hate them!"

"I wasn't strong enought to save you, mom. I wasn't strong enough. But I promise... I won't fail... again."

"Master Windu gave me orders to stay here."
"He gave you orders to protect me. I'm going to find Obi Wan. If you want to obey your orders, come along."

"The dark side of the force has clouded their vision, my friend." -Saruman

C3PO: "My obtuse little friend, if they needed help, they would've asked for it."

C3PO: "What's going out there? Have you no sense at all? Idiot!"

"I wonder what happened to R2. He's always getting himself into trouble."

"Huh. Not again. Obi-Wan's gonna kill me."

"Master Kenobi, you disappoint me. Yoda holds you in such high esteem." -Dooku

The Fellowship of the Ring will be on next Sunday, CBC 9 at 8:00!!! I think I'll tape it on a completely different tape from the old tape where I taped FOTR on to before!


I looked out my car window. A large lump of feathers was lying on the side. As we got closer, I could see what it was. A goose. A large Canadian goose, the kind with brown feathers and black necks and heads, with white marks next to the eyes. It lay on the curb, belly up, the lower half of the body lying flat, the upper half propped up, like a little floppy doll in a game of tea. Its wings were stretched out down at its sides as if it were soaring up in midair. It would never fly again. It was just lying there gracefully, feathers fluttering gently in the damp breeze, neck still stretched up. Its mouth was opened, you could tell it had been screaming - or trying to - the second before it had died. My car passed quickly, but I could tell how it died because its abdomen had been squished flat obviously by a car.
Cars. People use them to get places they can't get to by walking or biking. They have no feeling, no thoughts, no life. You drive one to work each day. They pollute the environment. They sometimes get totaled all the time yet you carve a special place just for the pile of metal with wheels that takes just about you anywhere you want to go. It gets stolen, breaks down or crashes. Does it care how it affects you? When a friend dies in an accident, does it go up to you and say sorry? Cars are nothing. Sure, they take you places, but when you give it a place in your heart, does it give back?
This non-living "creature" had taken away a life. An unsignificant life, but living all the same. It used to be happy, swimming playfully with friends, flying freely and as majestic as an eagle. How is this goose different to any random person you've never met? Every year, cars take many lives. Truthfully, I don't know how many, but I know they do. People in car accidents make the news more than animal accidents, and some people don't give a crap about watching out for them, but they are here for a reason.
When driving down a road, especially one that cuts through a forest, who hasn't seen roadkill? Hundreds of raccoons, woodchucks, squirrels, a few deer. They had a world of their own, untouched by humans, until someone decided to cut forests down for cars to come through. I'm not saying you should agree with me that we should get rid of cars completely, or stop building roads, or even to keep a better lookout for animals. I don't really know what the point of writing this is. But if you can think this through and form your own opinions, that would be great...

"Oh! look at that car burn! Does it get any better than this?"
-Homer Simpson

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Wikipedia is so sweet. You can edit anything and it will be shown everywhere all over the world. Just a while ago, I made one up, Everything Is Illuminated (2005). And I found out that right after you publish it, someone - or something adds stuff onto it, calling your masterpiece a "stub" and putting "2005 film" in where it makes sense. How does that work? Surely someone didn't read it right after I published it. I mean, hundreds are being published as I post. Wierd huh?

Why Stephen King Rules

I'm so happy because they're showing Phantom Menace on CBC right now so I finally get to see all of it - I'm so happy! Also, they're showing Attack of the Clones tomorrow at 7.
Why I like Stephen King. It's because they're not like those classics that you hear about all the time. Like The Secret Garden and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. They're so unpredictable and not everyone's read them. I mean, even if you've never read Call of the Wild, you can tell it's a story about a dog that goes wild or something.
I'm reading Pet Sematary right now. I'm only on page 10 or something, and nothing scary or strange has happened so far. I have no idea where it's leading but the cover says it's the "by far the scariest story" or something, and I can't wait. You never can tell with Stephen King stories though, because some aren't that great. So it's a surprise. Unlike those classic jerks. Stupid pansies, telling everyone they're so great...

Catwoman looks nothing like Halle Barry. Penguins are adorable. Penguin driving a duck. Everyone kills Catwoman. Yep, Batman's on right now.

Marge : "Homer, there's a man here who thinks he can help you!"
Homer : "Batman?"
Marge : "No, he's a scientist."
Homer : "Batman's a scientist."

"Exqueeeeze me!" -Jar Jar Binks

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Perfect Government?

Today in Social Studies, Vooki and I were talking about Communism. I had no idea what it was before, but now that I do know (at least I think), it doesn't seem so bad. Why do people cringe when someone says they're a Commie? I'm not a Commie myself, but it just doesn't seem so bad. Well, anyway, I thought the perfect government would be one where there is none. Everyone just kinda lives doing their own business. They all get land and do what they want, cuz there IS no government. No money, just miles and miles of crops and fruit trees. They COULD rob and steal, but if they all agree, they'd find it in their best interest not to. There are no doctors, or dentists or anything, when people die it would be sad. But isn't it better to die a natural death than get all those implants until you're more man than machine? I mean, look what happened to Anakin. Purple and pale with a big scratch on his head. That's it. Everyone go out and but 59x59 fences, gardening supplies, a few saplings, and seeds while they're still available! When everyone has everything they need, we can begin! Let's set up a goal for May 19nth, 2006!

I know, there are so many holes in my plan. Except there are none that I can see right now. So it is perfect! For the moment.
Also, who else noticed that Foxtrot hasn't had any Star Wars-related comics lately? All week, Peter's obsessing on how his sweater's all pink and strawberry-smelling instead of Jason going crazy like he did with Return of the King. ("Three more days 'til Return of the King!") But instead, they just did a brief story where Jason's head gets stuck in a Darth Vader mask, and moves on before Revenge of the Sith even comes out! AAAHH!!!

"First he invades my turf. Then he takes all my pals. Then he makes fun of the way I talk ... probably. Then he interferes in my raising a disobedient, smartalecky son."
-Homer Simpson

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Calf with 5 legs (click for story)

Isn't that wierd? That calf is born with a leg on its side, yet "she moves like a damn deer" and "The little booger's doing good." Even though they're getting a vet to remove it, what would happen if they kept it on? Would it dig into her flesh or keep growing until it touches the ground like all her other feet? That would be awesome. She could move 5/4 (?) faster than other cows. Okay, if that fraction was right, that would've been the most cleverest thing I've ever figured out. Except I dunno how to make sure. Not the right brain capacity. I am like the dumbest geek ever. And this totally rocks!
Well, anyway, that cow's the coolest thing in the
world cuz freaks rule.

(okay, it was supposed to say FREAK. I'm an artist, aren't I?)
And today should be National Star Wars Day. Cuz the trilogy is complete and we didn't name the first one Star Wars Day when we had the chance. So it's Star Wars day, I'm posting on my blog. Sittin' at the computer. Cuz it's Star Wars Day. Yeah. Can't wait to see the movie.

"Let us celebrate our agreement with the adding of chocolate to milk."
-Homer Simpson

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Exodus I

"She's gotta be French Chick." -Sawyer
"You have only 3 choices; run, hide.... or die." -Russeau. I didn't know she had a baby. His name was Alex. They took him. Wheeeeee!

"If you want to keep it secret, don't tell the fat guy." -The Arzt guy

Hurley giving Charlie the message for the bottle. "Don't look at it." (Charlie starts unfolding it) "Dude! Do not look at it!"

Walt's giving Vincent to Shannon. Shannon's flashback. She met Sayid right before the flight. Boone's back! Boone Boone Boone! "Oh god. You bitch!" Shannon is so mean to him.
Russeau: "This... is the Black Rock." What's the Black Rock supposed to be? Is there dynamite in there or what? Someone help me, I'm lost.
Sun's flashback. Some lady: "Relax, they don't speak english." So mean. She's trying to teach him english now. Aww, Jin's leaving on the Raft without her.
People are leaving on the raft now. So sad. Aww, they're actually sailing! I didn't think they'd really go. Vincent's trying to swim to the raft. Now he's swimming back. How sad. They're actually going. I really didn't think they'd go. What's with that? No more Sawyer. Crap, it's over. And they're gone. I didn't think they'd really go but they're gone. What's with that? And how come Charlie didn't get a flashback? Stupid show. I hate this show.
Next Week: Claire: "They took my baby!" Some skeleton in shackles... dynamite... people running... did I see Charlie punch out Sayid? He punched out someone. Awesome. Gotta see next week's.

"You gave both dogs away?! You know how I feel about giving!"
-Homer Simpson

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Star Wars Days!

It's "wookiee" and not "wookie," isn't it? Yeah. I knew that.
Important dates to remember:

Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace (1999) CBET 9 May 21 09:00pm (Saturday)
Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones (2002) CBET 9 May 22 07:00pm (Sunday)
Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones (2002) WJBK 2 May 22 07:00pm (Sunday)

They should show Star Wars every day!

Your Political Profile

Overall: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal


If you're an idiot and you know it, clap like mad!!!


"Feelin' stupid? I am!"
-Homer Simpson

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Awesome Quotes (Part 2)

Stuff that (I think) should be famous quotes:

*"Explain the part about the stuff until I'm bored twiddling my fingers."
*"Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. And that doesn't taste very nice, does it, Precious?"
*"I have passed the test."
*"Nobody tosses a dwarf!"
*"Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life."
*"I am acting my age. I'm in the prime of my youth and I'll only be young once."
*"Why am I so smart?"
*"You have offended the gods! Chewbacca shall have his revenge!"
*"Give me food or give me death!"
*"Too much of a good thing is an awesome thing, but too much of an awesome thing is..um...really really dumb and bad."
*"Woohoo, woohoohoo!"

This movie called Hercules is on right now. Not the Disney one. Sean Astin's in it. Aww, Hercules just murdered him.

"Woohoo, I'm clean! In your face, Lord!"
-Homer Simpson

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Sunday, May 15, 2005



Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster are on American Dad.
""Don't listen to him! He pretends to eat cookies but doesn't swallow them.""

"Bingo? That's my favorite game. I just can't remember what to yell out when you win."
-Homer Simpson

The Phantom Menace

Phantom Menace is on right now and I have no idea what is going on. I didn't see the beginning and started when Anakin gave Padme the little thing and told her it was to remember him by. I like the last three better. The first three are so... organized with their senators and chancellors and commitees. Ick. But the last one still sounds really cool because that's the one that really messes up the classiness.
"The last one." They make that really confusing because that can either be Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi. Really confusing makes everything ick. Like poo.
Kenobi had long hair? Wait, that's not Obi-Wan. Some other guy. You can tell I've never seen the first two before. Jar-Jar Binks is so cool. He reminds me of... I dunno. Anyone in LOTR with a really high voice. Like Gollum! What's the treaty supposed to be? And what's with all their wierd accents? Holy crap, how many Jar-Jar-like creatures are there? Wait. Padme is Queen Amidala? Who's the other lady then?
Anakin wasn't a really great actor. Kind of annoying, actually. Lightsaber battle. Elvish music. Ben fell over the edge and is hanging on for dear life. This reminds me of LOTR. Ohp, he caught himself again. What are those big blue spheres Jar-Jar's running from? "Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Whop!"
The red-faced guy with his 2-sided lightsaber. Yeah, Ben took care of that. He has a big zit on the center of his forehead. Now he's hanging from something. Hey, he used the force! That was awesome! If only it made sense. Why were they battling in the first place? Now they're burning that one guy, like they did with Darth Vader. I want a robe.

"A ship? A cup. A ship. A speeder." -Anakin

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate... leads to suffering. -Yoda

"Meesa, yo' highness?" -Jar Jar Binks

"The boy is dangerous. They all sense it, why can't you?" -Some guy

"Weesa going hooome!" -Jar Jar

"Meesa no think so." -Jar-Jar

"Meesa lied. Maybe weesa being friends." -Some Jar-Jar-like creature, perhaps their king

"I'll try spinning, that's a good trick." -Anakin

"My give up. My give up." -Jar-Jar

"Now THIS is podracing." -Anakin

"I will train Anakin. Without the approval of the council, I must." -Ben Kenobi

"Yahoo!" -Jar-Jar Binks

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

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My Brain's Dying

My brain is dying
Oh, what do I do?
Eat my couch?
Or hide in a shoe?
I can't think smart
I can't think straight
This is just
A cruel trick of fate
Maybe my brain
Is just going to bed
But I keep wondering
If I'm going brain-dead
Someone please help
Call a doctor
If you don't know one
Become an impostor.
Things in front of me
I can't see real well
If I walk towards it...
Oops, I fell
If my brain is rotting
That would really stink
One more thing to say-
The title's a link!

(lol, isn't Elijah Wood the coolest???)

"I hope I didn't brain my damage."
-Homer Simpson

Friday, May 13, 2005

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I've noticed that it's been a while since I've posted something really dumb. Compared to my old posts, that is. So I will. : 9

Mooo goes the cow in the field. Bawk goes the chicken who flies into a wall and gets smooshed up by the tractor that comes driving by with a penny in the back seat. The chicken is smooshed into a red pile of... scab and is scraped off. The driver goes "dude, that's my car" and goes to the dealer to buy a new one. The driver is actually a really poor hick and has no money and can't afford the Batmobile. So he rides the cow to work. And the cow smiled because she finally had someone to read her stories by Stephen King. The End.

I'm gonna get it published one day. It'll be in a book called "Things To Read Whilst You Shit." It's gonna be so awesome.

"You heard the monkey. Make the trade."
-Homer Simpson

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Does Darth Vader really have The Force?

Isn't the Force supposed to bind the universe together? How can you do that with Evil? It's like trying to eat... peanut butter... with a... hobbit. Darth Vader must have some other kind of force. Or he used the Force force and corrupted it.
Corrupt. Haha. That's a Lord of the Rings word.
If some some stupid nut stuck their toungue into the Ring, would they turn invisible? Or does it just work on fingers? And why does it turn clothes invisible as well? That's wierd. Coooosmic....
Chewbacca rules.
Anyhoo, Darth Vader is NOT a Jedi, so he probrably doesn't have the Force. It has to be some other power that's more powerful. He could've ruled the world if they killed Luke right away. It's like... the X-force! Except the Rebel side is more powerful no matter what. You stink, Vook! Dark side will go down!
HOLY CRAP GEORGE LUCAS IS HERE! ...On TV. On The O.C.. I never watch that show, but I'm watching this time cuz GEORGE LUUUUUCAAAS IS ON!!! I think he just said something about being very sad. I didn't hear... CUZ IT'S GEORGE LUCAS!
"You flipped a coin?!" -George Lucas
Oh oh! Star Wars commercial! Yoda: "Those fries give to Yoda. Your drink desire you not."

"I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode! I think it was called, ?he Bus That couldn't Slow Down."
-Homer Simpson

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I dunno what to say about Chewbacca, really. Except that he is a wookie. He has beautiful eyes. He never says anything in english. He's played by Peter Mayhew. That's all I know.
Chewie rulez!
Today, my friend said her brother's read all the Star Wars books, and that he said that there's a planet of wookies that gets blown up, in Revenge Of The Sith, I think. That's really sad. I mean, those fuzzy monsters are all so innocent. Stupid Sith. Ha ha. That sounds wierd. Stupid Sith. Yeeahh...
Chewie should go to Broadway. I'd like to see that. Heck, I'll be hs manager. Unlike that guy who can't manage crap. The guy who goes "This time you're sad... Now make me hate it."
At the beginning of the year, my Art Computer Graphics class teacher, who is obsessed with Star Wars, showed us this movie on how Star Wars was made, with bits of commentaries and junk. It was awesome cuz R2D2 (the small one) is actually a big barrel with an actor inside of it. It tipped over a buncha times. That was awesome. I just thought I'd share that with you.
Yeah. Chewie rules!
Oh yeah, and the title is a link. I thought those pictures were awesome.

"We got more gongs than the great dancing robot that caught on fire."
-Homer Simpson

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Born to Run

Kate was blonde. She's playing with the plane. It's Charlie! "Platinum. As in platinum record. As in a million sold."... "That's not a raft, that's a sodding boat." He never comes on this early. That's awesome. Sawyer arguing:"You're a damn high school teacher." Star Wars video game commercial.
Katie. Haha. Katie. Hah. They're building a raft. Sawyer: "The hell do ya think yer doing?" ... "No way in hell you're thinking you're getting my spot on the raft." Michael's gonna throw up. I wonder if he dies. I bet he does and leaves Walt, but Walt isn't upset at all. He just continues "knowing" stuff like those creepy kids in horror movies. Like when he told them not to open it. And when he burned down the first raft. That was really creepy.
I wonder how many episodes for each person they can make before it runs through their lives completely. What then? Do they just run through other survivors' lives too? And what happens when all 40 or 46 or 48 or whatever are all run through? Aww, Charlie's playing guitar for the baby. Claire's giving him a haircut. "Stop moving or I'll cut your ear off!" Dom WAS saying on Ellen about how the hair was bothering him. That's really... coincidoish.
Jack: "He's not sick. Someone did this." It was Walt! He wants to kill his father! I know I'm right! Kate's old boyfriend looks kinda like Luke Skywalker in the dark. It's the eyes. Is that the same boyfriend she set up? Aww, that's his plane. Kate Austin! Aww, it's a tape recording of Kate and her old boyfriend as kids. That's so sad. Walt: "Don't open it. Don't open that.. thing. Just don't open it!" Why would someone name their kid Walt?
"This time you're sad, alright, beautiful? Now try one with no accent. Now make me hate it."
C3PO: "What is taking so long?

Haha! They're making a movie where someone who's not Donald Trump plays Donald Trump!
Michael suspects Sawyer's the one who poisened him. Sawyer steals Kate's diary. He's so mean to her.
Charlie's wearing the tank top that used to have long long sleeves. Kate's mom is dying. "Katherine?" Haha. Katherine. Whoa, she punched down a cop. Her mom's trying to get her arrested! That's evil! Like the fuzzball poem Ojo made up. Oh my god, she killed her boyfriend. She was trying to drive away from the cops, so she ran into a car and her boyfriend was in the car and died. That's evil! I like Charlie's new haircut Aw, poor Kate. Everyone so mean. Even Charlie's ignoring her. So sad.
"Brendan... I am your father."
"No you're not. You're just trying to get my money."
"Brendan. I am your... uncle. Brendan - wait!"

That's classic. What is that commercial for? I mean, besides Star Wars. Sun did it! "Michael and Jin work toghether all the time. It's pretty easy to get their water bottles mixed up." I bet she actually wanted to kill Jin and go away with Michael. Aww, she has to say goodbye to Jin. So sad.
They're leaving tomorrow. I'm so glad Charlie's not going on the Raft.
Kate: Why do you want to go on the raft so much?
Sawyer: 'Cuz there 'aint anything here worth stayin' for.
Kate: If you say so, Sawyer.
Sawyer: Yeah.
Walt doesn't want to leave. Now Michael and Walt are both staying. Michael: "We don't have to go." Walt: "Yes we do." Did I miss something?
Next week. Hurley's french chick Russo comes in the next episode! "The others. They are coming. You have three choices. Run. Hide. Or die." She's just like Walt!This has to be my longest Lost post ever.

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Wednesday, May 11 2005
4:26 pm
The White House
TPing Dubya's room

Where am I?
I am here. That's the most simple answer no matter where or when you ask it.
Most likely, I am in a galaxy (this one), far far away (how far?). Most likely far away from.... Saturn. Or Homestar. Either one. Maybe even on a different planet from you. Like that one... with the Ewoks. I dunno what it's called. But it has a huge crater in it, and the last time I saw it, the whole back half was smashed up like hell.
So yeah, I'm posting to you, from The Planet. There's a computer in front of me. I'm wearing blue jeans. The sky is cloudy. I wish Two Towers was on. Cuz April showers bring May powers3 and more watching of Two Towers.
In closing, I look good in red. Oh yeah, check it out.
Fwuffy-puff mahshmellowzzz!

"I'm in a place where I don't know where I am!"
-Homer Simpson

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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AAAH! (screams)

I was sitting at my computer really bored and tired, watching The Fellowship for the 12fth time. I admit, it does get a little boring after a while. The mail came. I got an envelope. Which was wierd cuz I never got any mail. I read the return adress. California... buncha numbers? Musta been some kinda smart people institution where they get kids to take tests. I pressed the envelope down so I could see through it. A picture... then some words. I could hardly believe what I saw. I ran to my room because it was the kinda thing you opened privately. I tore open the envelope... and it was exactly what I thought it was. I whispered "oh my god oh my god" a couple of times and flopped onto my bed. I smiled, still whispering "oh my god."
2 minutes later: still smiling. That letter had made my day. No, it had made my year. Maybe more...
4 minutes later: I hugged each one of my beanie babies, saying "I love you" to each and every one. Cuz it was a picture signed by Elijah Wood!
Yeah, I know. I'm that obsessed!

"It came to me in a vision. Or maybe a drunken haze or possibly an ice cream headache."
-Homer Simpson

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