Monday, June 13, 2005


I recognize you.
You're that little person who thought you did everything right, praised yourself when you were filled with pride, ignored your mistakes like that hungry stray dog you sent to death in the shelter. Yes, I know it was you. I know everything you did. And you're no different from everyone else. That's right, everyone ends up here, didn't you know that? Or did you think there was a heaven? Heaven is only a dream. A lie to the innocently gullible. Everyone is here and you're no different. So get ready for pain. You think you've been through "hell" but you know nothing yet. You're about to get it soon. You don't know when I'll strike, when I'll send It to murder you, so get ready. And one more thing.
Hate eases pain.

"Okay, whatever to take my mind off my life."
-Homer Simpson


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