Monday, June 27, 2005


I went tubing yesterday with my friend Kris, her dad and her brother in Lake Erie. Did you know that all the Great Lakes except Ontario touch Michigan? Anyway, it's where you hold on to a big inflatable raft, called a tube - even though it looks nothing like a tube - and it's conected to the boat. Then the boat goes really fast and you hang on and scream for dear life until you let go. It hurts your head and legs like mad, but it was fun. There were cranes and these big black birds and tons of dead mayflies and dead fish everywhere, it was so cool. And I got seasick on the boat. I didn't throw up, but I sat through the ride back half asleep. So yeah, it was a ton of fun.

Lisa : Dad, where are the backseats?
Homer : I had to sell them for gas money.


Blogger splapped said...

That tubing experience does not sound any bit enjoyable. I have been tubing many times before. I found it very comfortable. I also found it very invigorating. Ours had a plastic lining on the bottom. Enabling you to sit down. I am not sure it was the same for you because of your details.

-The Master of Splap

28/6/05 19:23  
Blogger j00|{z said...

Really? I don't think I was holding it right cus my friend was telling me to hold on a different way but I couldn't hear her. But it was fun. A lot like a roller coaster.

29/6/05 13:56  

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