Friday, January 27, 2006


(Peel the potatoes
Boil the carrots)
i am living in my own little world
doesnt work very well
but i am working on it
ill always be building
this tree goes there
this river here
perfect place to escape
(No longer lies)
its my world
exactly how i want it
there i am God
unlike here
where every aspect is controlled
(Do your maths
Study your science)
by my subconcious
the Creator
the Beast
(Do the laundry
And hang it up)
everything i see is what it conjured up
youre fake and everything you say
(Shut your mouth)
isnt true
because its all fake
(And clean your mess)
but i wont have to worry about that
once i escape

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pet Sematary

If you've been searching years and years in libraries, video stores, and even garage sales looking for a Stephen King adaptation that actually sticks to the book, Pet Sematary pretty much follows the book exactly. It's not as scary as most horror movies, which is good for those of us who hate having to cover our eyes and getting nightmares about demons jumping out of walls. Not to mention that little girl did a good job playing Ellie. The only main things different are the suicidal laundrywoman (movie), Henratty the Bull (book), and Norma Crandall (book), which don't really make that much of a difference. It doesn't have a very high rating on imdb, but it's perfect for kids to watch - as long as they don't get freaked seeing bloody faces and empty eye-sockets, they're all set.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


On Tuesday I bring my instrument to school... because I'm an orchdork again!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I remember
we used to keep
a small bunny
wild, untamed
in a box
soon enough, it died
laying on its side
strangest expression on its face
not peaceful but more
(i've seen the world and
i don't want to see no more)
like it's simply over
we poked it but it lay still
Every day I wake up I
think about that bunny
and I
(eat the poison apple)
envy it.
Some day I will
have enough of this world too
and I'll lay dead
(enough is enough)
before I wake up again
my mum won't see at first
yelling then screaming
shaking then slapping
(no more endless yapping)
until she realizes
I'm dead
and that
every poke,
every gesture of
(nothing but a deck of cards)
will hurt them
more than they
will ever
hurt me
(let them sing)
('cos by then i'll be in hell)
(and i can't wait)

Monday, January 09, 2006


Scientists say dolphins are about as smart as humans. If this is true, why do we have such different lifestyles? Think about it - humans think of themselves as the smartest creatures on Earth. We have a complex system of government, fastly-growing advanced technology, and complex issues that go beyond stay out of my territory.

Then why do we suffer?

Isn't it sad how we could be the smartest race, but still need such a complex system to govern ourselves and others? Is it because we intelligent beings know better than to live in freedom, or can't handle it? Why is it that our technology, which gets us out of bed in the morning, is destroying the world we know and live in?

The answer is, we have too much power, and we're killing ourselves with it.

We're so paranoid that, when a person steps out of the fence and into the type of freedom everyone secretly wants, to murder and lie and cheat, we catch them, cage them, and sit them in a deadly chair. A chair we made with our own technology capable of frying our own brains.

After all, this is the smart way - the human way.

Now let's look at dolphins. They are intelligent - they imitate noises, movements, and don't have the type of instinct to automatically see mankind as an enemy. They have no jobs, no government, or taxes. They're perfectly happy. Of course, they don't lie, and cheat and steal. Neither do they have our hands, hands capable of turning everything we touch into a weapon. They don't need them, either.

Face it, they're smarter than us.

We busy ourselves with work. A soiled suit could mean the end of your chances of getting a job, the end of your economic life, the end of your life. And all this time, they're playing, diving merrily in and out of water, free enough to soar. And they can. They haven't ruined their lives the way we have, trapping ourselves in an endless path of hardships.

Aren't we civilized?

Friday, January 06, 2006

A Question

This is for people who believe there is a god. It's not meant to challenge your faith, I just really need to know. If your answer make sense, I'm seriously considering taking up religion. My question is, why does God bother telling us to be good and to go to Heaven if we're so small compared to him? Why does someone like him need to control peoples' lives by telling us how to live? Doesn't he do anything besides watch over us?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

No wonder why no one ever says anything good about the story in general.
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