Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sprinter is here!

The snow melts. Now's the time to see where each individual dog left poo over the course of the last three months. Parking lots, roads, neighbors' lawns, even your own lawn. No property is safe. Isn't it amazing how you've managed to miss stepping in them all this time?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The meaning of love

Yeah, it's kinda long. You don't have to tell me.

When you think you love a person, you only love the feeling you get when you interact with them. This is why it is so easy to be angry at a loved one. The same goes for like, hate, fear and indifference. When you love an object, you love the feeling you get from the object, but since the object is inanimate, you create the feeling you get from it. For example, the feeling you may get from an article of clothing of a deceased friend is artificial. It doesn't tell you to be sad, you subconciously decide it should make you sad. Since made-up feelings towards objects and people you don't quite know is considered unhealthy, love is unhealthy the more it has to do with the imagination. For that reason, every relationship with some distance is considered at least somewhat unhealthy because one can not possibly know everything about the relationship they are in with another person, no matter how close they are, because everyone jumps to conclusions. You and a friend are seperated with no form of communication between the two of you. You miss them more and more, and every day you think of how happy you will be when you finally see them. Meanwhile, the friend has different ideas. They move on and think "how could I have ever been friends with them?" You have no idea what they are thinking, of course, and continue to love them. Would you call this healthy? Say some while later you meet. What shape would you be when you found out that after all these years of pining, the other person feels nothing towards you? Therefore, the only "secure" connection anyone can have cannot be with another person, nor an object, which tend to break down, get lost or stolen. The only thing left is the mind. One can truly be in love with their own mind; it will always be with them, and die with them as they die. Without it, the mere idea of love could never occur - love comes within.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Of course not.

Did you cry
when I tore down your sky?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meet Piggy.

He likes creamed corn, muffins, and cheddar cheese. He also likes family movies, especially ones featuring talking farm animals, and long walks on the beach. He likes children and has a four-year bachelor's degree. He likes big butts.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Sea

I was walking down the boardwalk with extra money in my pockets. I thought I'd spend it all in a candy store or on something I'd really like. In front of me, on the beach, with few people tanning and children laughing, was a little boy, looking out to sea, painting on a canvas too large for him. I went up in front of him and noticed there were tears in his eyes.

"What is wrong?" I asked him.

"It's that no one will buy my painting. I live with my baby sister and I never earn enough money to buy food to bring her. You see, no one will buy my painting."

"What is it a painting of?" I asked.

He turned it around so I could see it.

"It is a painting of my life," he said. And so it was. "Every day I add on to it, in hopes of making it better so someone will want to buy it. But every day it becomes more wretched."

My mind filled with guilt and my thoughts wandered to the money in my pocket. I could simply buy the painting, so the boy could buy food to feed himself and his sister. My hand reached to my pocket, then stopped.

I walked away, with a sad smile. I couldn't lie to the child - because I couldn't bear looking at that terrible collection of grief.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Awesome band-a-ma-jiggy

Check them out. You'd think they'd be really really famous by now.



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Solution to gay marriage

Marriage is something considered holy, pure and traditionally between oppostite sexes. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to live together and have children together. Gays can do these things without being married, though marriage is what makes it real. If there was a religion that required people to be gay, the government would have to allow marriage for that kind of people, or they would be acting against the first amendment. Since most marriages take place in Christian churches, the priest or the person in charge should decide wether it's against their own freedom or not to marry off two gays, or it would take away from their own fredom of religion. If no one does, gays should be allowed to have their own wedding ceremonies with or without a church. It could work perfectly, with no government involvement whatsoever. Just a thing between the church and them wild crazy hooligans.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This just occured to me

Why is it that schools can get sued over talking about religion (christianity or not) while the country is practically run by it?
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