Sunday, May 21, 2006


At least I've posted for every month straight.

Like anyone's going to read this.


Blogger smarterthantheaveragebear said...

You think these things but then us idiots come on just in time to make you a liar. I haven't been on in months :).

21/5/06 18:57  
Blogger flu said...

i read it.

22/5/06 06:50  
Blogger The Beekeeper said...

I haven't read this is close to...5 months! That's not to say that I'm not going to start again! Good to see that the blogosphere has shined upon you.

22/5/06 19:34  
Blogger Cardboard Knight said...

I check this site every time I go on the internet! SO POST MORE PLEASE!!!!!

23/5/06 08:30  
Blogger j00|{z said...


This made my day.

24/5/06 14:14  
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